• Room / Staff / Resource Scheduling
    Manage schedules for auditoriums, gyms, rooms, facilities, labs, staff, devices and other resources. Condatly provides a web-based portal for users to check schedules and book reservations. Administrators can control when and how resources are reserved.
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  • Web Forms
    Much more than a survey form, Condatly provides simple, easy-to-use tools to collect, validate, and structure important prospect, customer, and member information such as applications, workflow forms, request forms, and more.
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Products For K-12 Schools
  • Staff Portal with Room / Lab Scheduling
    Provide your staff with a complete web portal including resource schedules to manage rooms, staff, and devices. Use web forms to collect information, and web pages and document libraries to disseminate information.
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  • School Website Tools
    Enhance and simplify your communication with parents, students and the community. For websites using a content management system (CMS), augment the system with our web forms, central calendar system, and presentation functions. For schools not yet using a CMS, completely automate and simplify your website management tasks.
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  • School Department Website
    Sometimes school clubs, departments, and special events just need a simple and quick way to set up a website without burdening the school's main website. Condatly provides an easy-to-use, fully self-contained website builder for that purpose. Easily include pages, web forms, and calendars on your website.
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  • Teacher Website
    Create a personal website focusing on the functions that save you time and provide the maximum benefit to you, your students, and their parents. With our intuitive and simple-to-use functions, Condatly provides a very easy way to give your students 24x7 access to key class materials and increase teacher/student/parent communication.
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